Thanksgiving Day Set

Also known as: KZSU playlist for Thursday, November 26, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

I’ve been at the station for 11 years.  Because my family lives entirely locally, it’s about time I missed a Thanksgiving dinner to help out the station. (In past years, someone’s always beaten me to it.) It felt good to take the time to play a three-hour “miscellaneous” set, focusing on pop with occasional jazz curveballs.

The previous weekend, a relative had asked me about my old Web site, the quasi-blog where I’d been entering my playlists in raw HTML code. I took a visit back there and realized: While this blog is much easier, I really miss that old page. I miss creating the layout, crude as it was, and I really like the look it has.

So, click here for the Nov. 26 playlist, and enjoy my self-indulgent blatherings there. I’ll do things “normally” again for my next regular show, on Dec. 1.

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