What Charlie Hunter Says

All About Jazz is running a good interview with guitarist Charlie Hunter, talking about his principles when it comes to playing music; his long-ago brush with the big side of the music industry; and why he doesn’t use the Hammond organ sound on his guitar any more. (“When I hear my old records with that sound, I want to punch that guy in the face. It sounds so cloying to me.”)

Hunter has been on my mind a lot this year because of his association with Go Home. (See earlier posts Ben Goldberg, Charlie Hunter, Go Home; ‘Go Home’ Comes Out; and Subway Series: New York.) It’s a treat to see him live. And it’s great to know that I’m not the only one blown away by Hunter’s trick of playing the bassline and guitar lines, with rich counterpoint, by himself.

They’ve titled the interview “Charlie Hunter: Seven-Stringed Samurai,” and you can find it here.

Hunter also says he’s done with the all-improv Groundtruther, a band featuring himself, Bobby Previte (drums), and a different guest star on each of three albums. That’s OK, because Hunter’s usual funky, rhythm-heavy music is plenty tasty.  His latest album as a leader, Baboon Strength, is well worth a listen.

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