It’s so nice to be home after a month of steady travel and heavy work pressures. I’ve been home every weekend for three weeks, but this time I’m home, without the overhang of another upcoming trip.  I can take it slow for a while. And I’ll be back on the air Tuesday morning.

My last “tour” stop was Orlando, where I didn’t have the stamina to really explore outwards. Neither did I have a car, which I’d have needed.  And I’m not sure there was that much to discover anyway, certainly not another 21 Grand or anything.  (Sorry Orlandoites, but the city seems to be all amusement parks and loud touristy bars/restaurants, alongside flat suburbs. It’s just like Anaheim, but with more swamp.)

I’m slowly re-acclimating to normal life, including regular time to listen to music. Although I must say, on these trips I had the good fortune of staying in hotel rooms where you could plug an MP3 player into the clock/radio. Ethel, Exene Cervenka, and Evan Parker’s Electroacoustic Ensemble bled into the neighboring rooms, or so I like to think. I feel pretty good about that.

UPDATE, 11/15: Brian Feldman on Twitter (@BrianFeldman) points out the Timucua White House events: house concerts for new music (in the classical sense) or musics that would appeal to that kind of audience.  Sounds lovely.  I’ll keep it in mind if I wind up in Orlando again.