Blather: Travel Blues

The good and bad news (for me, anyway) is that I’ve got a lot of travel in the next several weeks. I’ll be in Chicago, New York, and Orlando.

What’s bad is that I’ll have to skip some of my KZSU shows in early November and, because these trips are for work, I’ll do a lot less listening to music.

The good news is that I can tap some out-of-town shows. I’ll have a night or two in Chicago — the Velvet Lounge and the Umbrella Music calendars will come in handy there. Sadly, I might have only one night to myself in New York, but it’s a doozy — The Stone is having one of its fundraising nights (meaning John Zorn will be in the house), and, conflictingly, Go Home is playing a rare clutch of shows at the Jazz Standard. (This is the band I’d been lucky enough to see in January.) Wonder if I could make it to one set of each.

Then there’s Orlando. Just … just don’t talk to me about Orlando.

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