Aram Shelton’s Active Music

source: edgetone records.comOct. 13: First Tuesday morning live interview. Went off without a hitch. (That is, without a hitch that was traceable back to me. )

The subject was Aram Shelton, who had a few gigs coming up that he wanted to publicize. At the same time, this morning’s interview was a good way for me to find out what he’s up to, as far as organizing shows. He’s been a busy guy since coming here from Chicago to attend Mills College — and that’s without his Ton Trio intact, as one member’s fled to the midwest.

Here’s what he has (or had) coming up, mostly under the banner of what he’s calling the Active Music Series:

* Active Music Orchestra, a 13-piece group that has a monthly residency at The Uptown. This is particularly exciting, because the group will stay together long enough to cohere into a group, something that’s so hard to accomplish these days. They’ll be playing various group members’ compositions. Sadly, I’m a day late in telling you about this, but they’ll be back on the second Tuesday in November.

* Ton Trio will be making an appearance, with Chicago drummer Frank Rosaly, at Bluesix on Thurs., Oct. 15.

* Aram is part of the newly re-formed Go-Go Fightmaster, which has a new CD (yes!) and is playing as part of the SIMM series: Sunday, Oct. 18, at the SF Musicians’ Union Hall (116 9th St. near Mission).

Aram’s compiling a blog of his shows. Awesome title: The Last Time I Played.

I’m grateful to Aram for being my first guinea pig. Not that a morning interview is painful or anything; it’s just that Friday afternoon made for easy scheduling no matter who wanted to be on the show, whether live or via phone, whether in person or from the east coast. But when you’re talking Tuesday morning, you get interference from day jobs, sleep cycles, and kids. I sense a lot of Monday evening pre-recording sessions in my interviewing future.