Playlist: October 6, 2009

Click here for the full KZSU playlist for Tuesday, October 6, 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

So, in two weeks of doing my new Tuesday slot, I’ve found another disadvantage: I can’t find time to write up these playlist notes! Small price to pay. I’m relishing the quietude of the morning studio and the immense acres of available parking. After years of dealing with Friday afternoon crowds, it’s the promised land!


Source: Improvised* Klang — “No Milk” — Tea Music (Allos Documents, 2009)
… Yet another quartet from the rich Chicago free-jazz community, this time focusing on 1950s influences, primarily Jimmy Giuffre. Klang uses a vibraphone to produce a lightly upbeat sound that’s catchy but still adventurous. It’s got a sound to go with the album’s placid coffeehouse cover.

* Huun Huur Tur and Carmen Rizzo — “Mother Taiga” — Eternal (Groove House, 2009)
… Pitting throat singing with electronics. Tur is no stranger to this kind of idea, having recorded with Ry Cooder and with the Kronos Quartet. This time, the pairing results in some very nice drones.

There’s a similarly minded CD in rotation that mixes music of Hildegard with industrial electronics and various tape-manipulation tricks. Couldn’t get to that one this week, but next week…

source: wikipedia* Lester Bowie — “Spacehead” — All the Magic (ECM, 1982)
… There was an all-star Lester Bowie tribute happening Friday (the 9th) in SF, so I took the opportunity to bring some Lester out of the vinyl collection. All the Magic (1982) is a two-album set dedicated to his mother, who’d passed away recently, and the gatefold includes pictures of Lester with school bands (formidable marching bands in uniforms, serious stuff) and of his family. It’s also got a really good photo of modern-day Lester leading one of his big bands.

The first album consists of Lester and a band, so I played one track from there. The second album is all Lester, doing solo trumpet with overdubs, so I wanted to spin one of those, too. I picked the track “Okra Influence,” because … well come on, it’s called OKRA INFLUENCE!

The tribute was something to behold, I’m sure. Roscoe Mitchell and Famadou Don Moye from the original Art Ensemble; Corey Wilkes, the guest musician who’s been Lester’s de facto successor; and Fred Ho, making a rare West Coast appearance. For old time’s sake, have a listen to an old Fresh Air interview with Lester.