Buffalo Collision: Love and Hate

I confess I had to miss Monday night’s Buffalo Collision show. Bummed am I. Apparently it started late, according to this Tuesday hatred blog.

He was at least looking forward to the show. For the Monterey Jazz Festival (also a Buffalo Collision haunt, this time around), the Examiner sent a reviewer who’s “never witnessed a set so hostile to the notion of melody.” Wait’ll he gets a load of David Torn’s Prezens. He had better things to say about Jason Moran‘s “Feedback,” a noisy Hendrix tribute that sounds like it was pretty cool.

We all know BC deserves the love, though. Forrest Dylan Bryant took the Monterey set in stride, writing it up for his Jazz Observer blog.

Cake in 15 put up a nice review — with videos! — from a very recent show at the Dakota, on The Bad Plus’ Minneapolis home field. And dipping back to January, you can find a nice appreciation at Mapsadaisical.

As for the actual Monday show — anyone want to clue me in on what I missed?

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