Buffalo Collision Show Moved

codamapI’m not familiar with San Francisco’s Coda Jazz Supper Club, but it’s going to be the host to Tim Berne and Buffalo Collision tonight. (1710 Mission St. at Dubose, near the part of 101 called the Central Freeway.)

(UPDATE: Forgot to mention, in the first draft, that the show was supposed to be at The Independent. Hence, the “moved” part of the title. Carry on.)

It will be a trio version of the band, with Dave King (The Bad Plus) on drums and Hank Roberts, a longtime cohort of Berne’s, on sax. When The Bad Plus got interviewed on KZSU recently, King told me about growing up listening to Berne and Roberts’ music, and what a thrill it was to actually be in a band with these guys.

Their CD, Duck, got a brief mention here. Longer mentions are on All About Jazz and at Stef’s Free Jazz blog.

source: screwgun records.comBuffalo Collision played at the Monterey Jazz Festival yesterday — I was sorry to miss that — and was to appear in this trio format at The Independent tonight. No word on what provoked the move. I got tipped to it because I happened to browse past Ethan Iverson’s Do the Math blog yesterday. (Iverson is the pianist in The Bad Plus and Buffalo Collision; his blog also details some successful shopping during the band’s stay in SF.)

On its calendar page, the Independent says its tickets will be honored at the Coda Club. Start time is probably moved back to 9 p.m. (normal for the Coda club) versus 8 p.m.

Buffalo Collisions long, improvisatory brand of jazz will probably be a change of scenery for the Coda Club. Especially with the band lacking Iverson’s piano, which added some colorful chording on Duck.

(UPDATE2:) Jazz Observer got to see Buffalo Collision in Monterey!