Playlist: Sept. 4, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, Sept. 4, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Full playlist viewable here.


source: CD baby….. Great to see Fred Anderson is still at it. Staying in the Game (Engine, 2009) is a lo-fi excursion, but Anderson’s ebullient sax still shines through. A trio disk with Harrison Bankhead (bass) and Tim Daisy (drums).

….. Feeding Frenzy (Nine Winds, 2003) is a Vinny Golia album pairing a string quartet with his flute (or clarinet). Some comparisons to classical music are inevitable, but really it’s a free-jazz romp, often dipping into abstraction.

….. Bruno Montovani goes in the opposite direction, a classical composer whose aggressive, modernistic pieces shade towards the free improv side of the rainbow and touch on jazz concepts, as in the long percussion duet in the fifth movement (the one I played today) of “La Sette Chiese” (from La Sette Chiese/Streets/Eclair de Lune (Kairos, 2009)).

source: cd baby….. The Molecules are a local post-punk trio that plays complex rock and often plays it “wrong.” Complex time signatures, knotty and wormy bass lines, guitar chords not known to man, and occasional shrieking. Friends (RA Sounds, 2007) is the remnant of an abandoned 3-CD set that would have been the group’s tour de force. Its release came about a decade after the Molecules’ glory days — they were big in Japan, from what I understand — and was accompanied by a mini-tour that I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of. I’m always impressed by the number of songs musicians can remember, and doubly so here, because the Molecules spit out one- and two-minute blitzkrieg songs by the fistful.

….. Pop break: Lady Lazarus is a downcast, DIY singer/songwriter type whose CD, Home Recordings (self-released, 2009) comes in an oversized paper packaged with hand-stitching on the edges. A pensive, lonely, lovely sound.

….. This was fun: Unexpectedly got the chance to give away grounds passes to the Monterey Jazz Festival — and for Sunday, Sept. 20, no less: the day when Vijay Iyer, Jason Moran, and Buffalo Collision (w/Tim Berne) will be playing. (Buffalo Collision can also be had in MP3 form.)

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