Playlist: Aug. 28, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, Aug. 28, 3:00 to 7:10 p.m.

Full playlist is viewable here. I actually stayed on the air until 9:00 p.m., but the last two hours were rock and whatnot; if you’re dying to know what was played, click here.

Most of the program was built around Joe Maneri tracks, to note his passing. I’ll put up a more thorough explanation of those later. A couple of other noteworthy spins:

….. Amy X. Neuburg and the Cello ChiXtet have released the long-awaited Secret Language of Subways, and I finally managed to give it a spin. It deserves its own entry, but you can see what I think here.

….. The Ted Daniel Quintet LP, Tapestry, got reissued by Porter Records a couple of years ago. Great loft-jazz work chracterized by vibes, electric piano, and electric bass — very much a product of 1974. The session was recorded from a show at Ornette Coleman’s loft back then, and while the sound fidelity is wanting, there’s no denying the free-jazz intensity of the music.

I haven’t been updating the blog much during the dog days of summer, partly due to work, partly due to play. I’m managing to keep on top of the radio shift, at least.