Playlist: Aug. 18, 2009, Special Tuesday

KZSU Playlist for Tuesday, Aug. 18, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Subbing for Ben W., whose Jena & Gomorrah show covers a lot of the same ground as my regular show, but with a deeper memory bank of musicians and a keener appreciation for avant-rock acts like This Heat. Which I played. Other highlights:

….. Buffalo Collision finally got its due with the 22-minute “3rd of 5” track. Everyone gets a solo on here, and Tim Berne and Ethan Iverson particularly shine.

….. Noisy punk attack: Japan’s Ground Zero got abuted by Chicago’s Lozenge.

….. Lowbelly is a Boise, Idaho instrumental band worth noting, like indie-rock played by jazz musicians. More on them later.

….. Water Shed, also called Water Shed 5tet, hailed from Pittsburgh. I saw saxophonist Ben Opie perform solo out in Berkeley, and it intrigued me enough to buy the Water Shed CD that was out on Rastascan. It’s good stuff with an occasional groove and some Naked City-like style changes, not as extreme but enough that the KZSU DJ who originally reviewed the Duck Bill Hammer CD gave it a thumbs-down for being too copycat. I can understand, although more than a decade later, that Naked City phase-shifting seems like a trend of the times — copycatted, sure, but no more than other trends.

….. Quattro Mani is a classical-piano duo who’ve put out a few CDs together. “Kindred Spirits” ends with a 3.5-minute movement inspiried by rock music — Limp Bizkit in particular, sadly enough. It’s still a good piece, with a heavy beat, an unsubtle approach, and outright hammering on the low keys as a coda. It’s pretty cool, actually. They’ve also been spotted doing a Frank Zappa premiere.

The complete playlist can be viewed here.