The Playlists Pile Up

It’s bothered me all along that the playlists screw up the search on the site. That is, you ask for an artist, and you get the 18 playlists that include that artist, burying the one substantial blog entry about him/her.

I’m probably the only one who uses the search box, but — hey, all the more reason to change something that bugs me, right?

So: What if I left the playlists off? I’d still list notable albums each week on this blog, but for the gory details, you’d go to our Zookeeper database — to pages like this one, or to this page of all my playlists since 2001.

From there, you can use the “Find It!” link to see who else has played a particular artist, CD, or track. It’s a powerful little tool.

It seems clunky to make people go elsewhere to view the actual playlist, but it might be more practical.

(Alternatively, if there’s a way to make the search apply onto to text that’s above the fold, that’d be an even better solution. I’m researching it, but not getting my hopes up.)

I doubt anyone scours the site often enough to care either way. But I’m open to any suggestions anyone’s got.