Playlist: July 17, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, July 17, 3:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.

Rent Romus stopped by to talk about the Outsound New Music Summit coming up next week. All the artists involved had contributed tracks to a promotional CD for — well, for situations just like this one:

source:….. Bonfire Madigan was a KZSU fave when I first joined, in 1998. I’m happy to find out she’s still performing — didn’t realize she even opened for Laibach. She’s a singer who plays cello, producing brusque songs that you might call tough-fisted, rough-edged folk (really it’s closer to indie rock, but not as “rock” minded as Rasputina). On Friday, she’ll be performing a 36-minute piece, “Portrait of the Artist as a Transliminal Criminal,” with accompanying film. Her site describes it as a one-time-only event.

WireTapMusic did a profile of Madigan back in May.

….. Natto recorded a couple of CDs on the 482 label earlier this decade. They practice a calm sort of improvisation, often meditative and probably influenced by Pauline OliverosDeep Listening aesthetic. Philip Gelb on shakuhachi (Japanese wooden flute)

….. Richard Waters is the inventor of the waterphone. It’s the instrument that made the V-ger sounds in 1980’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture. (If you don’t know what I mean, DO NOT go rent the movie to find out. Just watch Wrath of Khan and pretend there were no Trek movies before that.)

….. I’m not familiar with Peter Kolovos, but Rent described his guitar playing as a combination of noise and “surgical precision.” Who could resist?

And, notes from the rest of the show:

source: delmark….. After the glorious experimentalism of her Xenogenesis Suite, Nicole Mitchell comes back to jazz form, with a mix of straightahead stuff and some world-music dabblings. Renegades features a subset of her Black earth Ensemble, focusing on the strings: violin, cello, bass (plus drums and Mitchell’s own flute, of course.)

….. Nancy Wright is a local R&B saxophonist. Friendly bar-jazz stuff; it’s not my type, but I played it as a nod to our blues DJ, Byrd of Paradise.

….. Whoever Libellula are, they put together a nice hour-long drone on this CD. I selected an excerpt where things shift and tumble a bit.

source:….. Matt Haimovitz is a cellist who puts out modern classical CDs on his own label. This disc of cello/piano pieces has some good dynamic stretches, exciting stuff. The piece I played is titled “Part I,” but it comes in two parts, so we heard part 1 of “Part I.” I like that.

….. Annea Lockwood once did a nifty CD, The Glass World, that featured the sounds of all manner of glass objects. Zach Wallace is likewise working with glass on Glass Armonica, but where Lockwood did lots of vignettes, Wallace works on long pieces. “5” has a droney, humming sound that’s I would guess comes from a bow stroked across the armonica (it’s one of these) which Wallace built himself out of wine glasses. Dusted has more to say here.

…..For the show’s final hour, I looked in the direction of outward-facing rock, inspired by the Bonfire Madigan track. (She’ll be performing a 36-minute piece during Friday’s “InterMedia” show for Outsound.) The 9-minute Eddie the Rat track was a particular highlight for me.

Album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well. Little links that say things like “more here” go to previous entries in this blog.

Artist Track Album/Label
Mitchell, Nicole / Black Earth Strings Renegades Album Review Renegades
Delmark Records

Lehman, Steve Octet

(more here)

Echoes Album Review Travail, Transformation, And Flow
Pi Recordings
French Miami Goddamn Best Album Review French Miami
Diy Release
Wright, Nancy Rutabagas Moanin’
Chicken Coup Records
15 Degrees Below Zero 3.4.4 Album Review Resting On A
Edgetone Records

Mazurek, Rob Quintet

(noted here)

The Earthquake Tree Album Review Sound Is
Delmark Records
Wallace, Zach 5 [excerpt] Album Review Glass Armonica
Root Strata

(more here)

Nailed Album Review Itch: 10 Improvisations For Instruments And Live Electronics
Leo Records

Malaby, Tony Obambo Album Review Paloma Recio
New World Records
Kowald, Peter The Further Float [w/Tadao Sawai, koto] Duos
Fmp Records
Hooker, William/Sabir Mateen One Just Man Dharma
KMB Jazz

— (4:00 p.m.) —
Sexmob Meets Medeski

(noted here)

Willisau Suite 1 [tracks 1-6] Album Review Live In Willisau 2006
Thirsty Ear Recordings

Golia, Vinny Quartet All Together Now Album Review Sfumato
Clean Feed
Natto Quartet Kinpira Album Review Thousand Oaks
482 Music
Rova Maintaining Morphological Echo
Rastascan Records

West, Rich Short I Am Album Review Mayo Grout’s Known Universe
Littlefield, Patti / Mark Weaver A Grain Of Mustard Seed Album Review Resonance
Plutonium Records
— (5:00 p.m.) —
Libellula On The Occasion Of A Late Day Meeting [excerpt] Album Review (2)
Majmua Music

Fully Celebrated, The

(noted here)

Reptoid Alliance Album Review Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones
Aum Fidelity
Haimovitz, Matt And Burrrleson, Geoffrey Part I — I Album Review Odd Couple
Oxingale Records
Hanuman Sextet

(noted here)

Come Down, Darkness Album Review 9 Meals From Anarchy
Ton Trio

(noted here)

One Last Thing Album Review Way, The
Singlespeed Music

Interview: Rent Romus, Outsound New Music Summit (more info at
Golia, Vinny On the Train Outsound New Music Summit sampler
Waters, Richard One Ocean Outsound New Music Summit sampler
Ghost in the House Narcolepsy Outsound New Music Summit sampler
Rowland, Jess Kotekan Seniman Alam Waves Fade into the Distance Outsound New Music Summit sampler
Fjellestad, Hans calle calla Outsound New Music Summit sampler

Kolovos, Peter untitled Outsound New Music Summit sampler
Léandre, Joëlle & Quentin Sirjacq

(noted here)

Closing Album Review Out Of Nowhere
Actuelle Cd
Herndon, Anthony Wiliam I Dont Know Album Review Black Hole Universe

Bonfire Madigan Lady Saves Outsound New Music Summit sampler
Experimental Dental School Tear Brush Album Review Forest Field
(No Label Information)
Sparks Let The Monkey Drive Album Review Exotic Creatures Of The Deep
Lil’ Beethoven Records
St. Vincent Black Rainbow Album Review Actor

— (7:00 p.m.) —
Thinking Fellers Union Local 2 Electrocutioner A Stab at the Resident
Vaccination Records
Pahl, Frank Exit Romantic Side of Schizopha, Th
Fot Records
Westerners, The My Banshee Album Review Beautiful Departed
West Arts Llc
We Is Shore Dedicated Caetano Veloso Album Review Rhinoceroses
Huevo Imaginary Records
Eddie The Rat Lela, My Familiar Out Behind The 8-Ball
Edgetone Records

Djam Karet Lost, but not Forgotten Devouring, the
Cuneiform Records
Sunn O))) Hunting & Gathering (Cydonia) Album Review Monoliths And Dimensions
Southern Lord Recordings

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