Playlist: July 10, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, July 10, 3:00-6:30 p.m.

source:….. Led Bib is a two-sax band out of the UK doing free jazz with a many-piercings rock attitude. Like The Bad Plus, it’s brash and fun and can captivate audiences who otherwise don’t care about free jazz. So, yeah, a gateway drug.

….. Loose Wig is a Berkeley jazz band led by bassist Sam Bevan. Straighter stuff than I normally play, but it’s nice to give local folks a spin.

source:….. The Absolute Tradition of No Tradition snuck by me in the annals of Moe! Staiano. I think it’s his third solo album, released in 2007, and it’s got a great combination of Moe!’s pinpoint manic percussion (as on “Three Legs”) alternating with some noise tracks. Other tracks: “Ode to Ubu-o” combines both sides, pitting percussion against blurry guitar(?) blasts. “Short Continuum of the Falling Atmosphere in the Shape of Small Objects” is pretty much what the title says — stuff being dropped.

source:….. The trio of Lapslap combines piano, french horn, and saxophone, but the two horn players also use computers to bend, ripple, and distort the sound (or just inject new noises). It’s well done stuff. I find I favor the tracks where the computers get used more subtly — then, combined with the nonstandard horn noises and tricks like playing inside the piano, a whole palette of sounds spreads out.

….. Cecil Taylor got played on a whim; the kind of show I do calls for a nod to the old guys once in a while, right? That track triggered the idea to give Denis Charles some love. I’d discovered him shortly before his death, upon purchasing a trio disc of Thomas Borgmann, Wilber Morris, and Charles called Organic, on the Lotus Sound label out of Albuquerque. It’s a captivating ecstatic-jazz set that I’d discovered at the now defunct Noise Noise source: eremite.comNoise, an outstanding record store in Orange County. I was still a relative newbie to free jazz (still am, actually) and just loved losing myself in the interaction in the music (they also recorded for CIMP, as I recall). As for the Denis Charles IVtet, it’s got Jemeel Moondoc on sax, Nathan Breedlove on trumpet, and Wilbert De Joode on bass. Some nice free jazz in the context of lightly grooving compositions like “Mota” here.

Interesting how I ended up picking all gray CDs to picture here.  Totally unintentional.

Album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well. Little links that say things like “more here” go to previous entries in this blog.

Artist Track Album/Label
Led Bib Call Centre Labyrinth Album Review Sensible Shoes
Cuneiform Records

Loose Wig Ann Uncompromised Album Review Velvet Coup
Self Release
Burrell, Dave Full Blown Trio Expansion Album Review Expansion
High Two Recordings
University Of St. Thomas Symphonic Wind Ensemble Armenian Rhapsody: Bar (Dance) Album Review Out Of Nowhere
Innova Recordings
Wilkes, Corey & Abstrakt Pulse(more here) Villa Tiamo Album Review Cries From Tha Ghetto
Pi Recordings

Dorf, The(more here) Track 2 Album Review Dorf, The
Leo Records
Staiano, Moe! Three Legs (21.2) The Absolute Tradition of No Tradition
Carrier, Francois & Michel Lambert Sparkles Album Review Nada
Creative Sources Recordings

— (4:00 p.m.) —
Ton Trio(tiny mention here) Old Thoughts Album Review Way, The
Singlespeed Music

Taylor, Cecil Rick Kick Shaw Jazz Advance
Blue Note
Argue, Darcy James / Secret Society(more here) Zeno Album Review Infernal Machines
New Amsterdam Records
Bloom Project(noted here) The Sphere Pyre Album Review Sudden Aurora
Edgetone Records

Charles, Denis Ivtet Mota Captain of the Deep
Ryan, Jim/Forward Energy Trio Paper Flower Album Review Fe3 Oakland / Fe3 Portland
Edgetone Records

Ryan, Jim/Forward Energy Trio Bob Bin In Album Review Fe3 Oakland / Fe3 Portland
Edgetone Records

— (5:00 p.m.) —
Flotilla Beneath The Snow Disaster Poetry
Lehman, Steve Octet(more here) No Neighborhood Rough Enough Album Review Travail, Transformation, And Flow
Pi Recordings
West, Rich Short I Am Album Review Mayo Grout’s Known Universe

Lapslap Motor Mouth Album Review Itch: 10 Improvisations For Instruments And Live Electronics
Leo Records
Yogyanese Trio With Daniel Wolf Laler Menggeng Album Review Gamelan Of Central Java Xi: Music Of Remembrance
Radio I-Ching(more here) Molly Simpson Album Review No Wave Au Go Go
Boostamonte The Acrobat Album Review Demo 2004
Self Release

Helias, Mark The Current Set Current Set, The
Enja Records
— (6:00 p.m.) —
Orsi, Fabio And Gianluca Becuzzi Act I Album Review So Far
Porter Records
Wyner, Yehudi Piano Concerto, “Chiavi In Mano” Album Review Orchestral Works
Bridge Records

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