Playlist: July 3, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, July 3, 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. Marathon session to start my long weekend. It’s been a long

John Zorn‘s The Dreamers was the band I saw live at Yoshi’s, playing pretty much this whole album. Nice stuff, surprisingly accessible.

source: rastascan.comThe Splatter Trio‘s Clear the Club is an improv album at heart, but a surprisingly catchy one, with touches of reggae in some tracks, a hint of dark, evil rock in others. The group (Dave Barrett on sax, Myles Boisen on guitar or bass, Gino Robair on drums) did some great albums in the ’90s, now available on eMusic. The Splatter 3+N refers to the fact that the album uses recordings made with varying numbers of friends. They dipped into a couple year’s worth of jams and strung them together to create the album. Very cool.

….. Rigil is an indie songwriter type — really, a 20-year-old Brit named Robert Slade. He favors lots of synths and big, soaring, epic sounds. It’s overdramatic and often soundtrack-like, but he seems like a likeable chap.

source:….. Trombone Tribe is a Roswell Rudd grab bag o’ fun. You’ve got tracks with a three-trombone jazz sextet (Henry Grimes on bass), songs with a six-trombone band, and a small suite with the Gangbé Brass Band of Benin.

….. 15 Degrees Below Zero comes across more hardline electronics/noise on this album than on their previous one — or, at least that’s what I remember my ears hearing. No matter; it’s still good stuff, and the icy expansive sound I’d noted before is present on the 24-minute “2.5,” from which I took a patient six-minute excerpt. They’ll be on the air at KZSU on July 29.

Pianist Graham Connah has been performing under the name Admiral Ted Brinkley for some time now, popping up for the occasional show. Beth Lisick wrote one up back in 2004. Connah has been a longtime favorite of mine, playing heavily twisted cocktail jazz that, in more recent years, gets augmented with electric guitars and oddball vocals. He’s also got an album on Evander that, come to think of it, I really need to seek out. The next Adm. Ted installment comes Monday night, July 6, at the monthly Make-Out Room jazz session.

source: devinhoffplatform.comTwo solo bass tracks! I’d planned to throw in a track from the really nice Solo Bass from local musician Devin Hoff. (I still remember being blown away by his instrumental chamber-pop band, The Redressers.) Meanwhile, the vinyl album I’d randomly pulled as my sound bed for mic breaks was a Gary Peacock album that includes a few tracks of solo bass. I do like to give a “complete” spin to the album that provided the sound bed, so what the heck. Hoff’s track was arco (bowed), a lyrically wandering improvisation. Peacock’s was pizzacato, a galloping composition.

I stayed on the air for a couple of hours after this, spinning more of a rock show. That playlist is located here; for the “proper” show’s playlist, look below the fold.

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