Playlist: June 26, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, June 26, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m.

….. Ton Trio is led by former Chicagoite Aram Shelton. Nice sax trio pieces, little slices of free jazz. Liking this one a lot.

….. The new Tony Malaby features more of the expanded “outside” direction he’s taken on his recent albums Warblepeck and especially Tamarindo, and on his work with Kris Davis.

….. Jason Rigby‘s The Sage is an interesting slice of modern jazz with soloing that’s willing to take chances. Trumpeter Russ Johnson has a lot to do with that. I’m really digging the track “The Archer,” which uses Rhodes piano (Mikw Holober) to nice effect, creating a grooving double-soloing space that’s not quite fusion-y.

….. Speaking of fusion. I was inspired to dig up Christian McBride‘s stellar 3-CD Live at Tonic set after reading his touching essay about being a Michael Jackson fan growing up. His new album, Kind of Brown, just recently got to us and wasn’t immediately available for me — besides, the track I picked opened up the fusion gates for the Billy Cobham track. Fusion doesn’t always agree with me, but I enjoy letting the stuff take flight once in a while.

….. Sexmob meets Medeski is pretty much what you’d think, especially since it’s live: Rollicking spy-jazz themes, splashy organ grooves, and quiet avant-garde breaks that lead into big loud group segments.

….. Clara Rockmore was a classical-music theremin player who died in 1998.  I took this track from a 1987 CD of hers.

….. “Bubble Wrap” by Brian B. James is a 22-minute drone — more like an electronic tone with a slow, slow pulse to it. Probably sounded terrible to anybody listening in their car.

Album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well. Little links that say things like “more here” go to previous entries in this blog.

Artist Track Album/Label
Malaby, Tony Obambo Album Review Paloma Recio
New World Records

Shepik, Brad(more here) Blindspot (North America) Album Review Human Activity Suite
Songlines Recordings
Roach, Steve & Unis, Vir Synaptic Gap Body Eletric
Projekt Records
Haque, Fareed & The Flat Earth Ensemble Bengali Bud Album Review Flat Planet
Owl Studios

Noonan, Sean / Brewed By Noon(noted here) Courage Album Review Boxing Dreams
Songlines Recordings
Rigby, Jason Magenta Album Review Sage, The
Fresh Sound New Talent

Romus, Rent/Lords Of Outland Gasburger Sheep Slaughter House Album Review You Can Sleep When You’re Dead
Edgetone Records
Bloom Project(more here) Intimation Dusk Album Review Sudden Aurora
Edgetone Records
Lotz, Mark Alban / Lotz Of Music(more here) Corny Water Music Album Review Bite!
Loplop Productions
Ton Trio The Way Way, The
Singlespeed Music

— (4:00 p.m.) —
Lehman, Steve Octet(written up here) As Things Change (I Remain The Same) Album Review Travail, Transformation, And Flow
Pi Recordings
Rockmore, Clara Tchaikovsky: Valse Sentiment Art of the Theremin, the
Delos International
Ross, Don & Andy Mckee Tight Trite Night Album Review Thing That Came From Somewhere, The
Candyrat Records
Djll, Tom Mag Wheels [w/Myles Boisen] Mutootator
Soul on Rice Productions

Léandre, Joëlle & Quentin Sirjacq Hallucinations Album Review Out Of Nowhere
Actuelle Cd
Brian B. James Bubble-Wrap [excerpt] Album Review Bubble-Wrap-Covered Record
Diy Release
Gordon, John William G.V.O.L. Album Review Technot
Self Release

Sexmob Meets Medeski Black And Tan Fantasy Album Review Live In Willisau 2006
Thirsty Ear Recordings
Experimental Dental School Earthquake Album Review Forest Field
(No Label Information)
Jensson, Hilmar Morthanna Album Review Tyft
Songlines Recordings
Carrier, Francois & Michel Lambert Apercu Album Review Nada
Creative Sources Recordings

— (5:00 p.m.) —
Aaly Trio with Ken Vandermark Ghosts Live at the Glenn Miller Cafe
Wobbly Rail

McBride, Christian Technicolor Nightmare Album Review Live At Tonic
Ropeadope Music Entertain
Billy Cobham’s Glass Menagerie Situation Comedy Smokin’
Elektra Records (West Coast)

Spirit Moves Us, The Chunk Mudwagon, Vol. 1
Edgetone Records
Wilkes, Corey & Abstrakt Pulse(more here) Cries From Tha Ghetto Album Review Cries From Tha Ghetto
Pi Recordings

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