Playlist: June 5, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, June 5, 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

….. Should I mention the Matthew Sperry concerts again? See earlier entry.

Source: Limited Sedition….. Actually I will mention this: As the festival has evolved from year to year, the local Limited Sedition label has been releasing CD-Rs of Matthew Sperry performances, mastered from live tapes. The first was a set of solo bass performances; the most recent is a second all-solo, all-bass disk. Matthew’s playing included a lot of extended technique: sticking objects into the strings, scraping the bass body with mallets, etc., so the results are a percussive exploration of sound.

Source: AUM Fidelity….. Fully Celebrated, formerly the Fully Celebrated Orchestra (even though they were always three or four people), puts up catchy, even funky heads followed by chaotic, free-jazz soloing. Loads of fun.

….. Forgas Band Phenomena is new stuff played in the old ’70s prog vein: long suites, searing guitar, woodwinds in the band. Cuneiform always puts out nice stuff, but at first glance, this is a standout.

Source:Pi Recordings….. Corey Wilkes‘ Abstrakt Pulse puts up hard-bop composing spread against free-jazz soloing — stuff that’s way out there when it breaks orbit. It’s not strictly head-solo-head patterns, either; “SICK JJ,” played here, pretty much stays in improv/free mode, while “Visionary of an Abstrakt” uses a recurring theme to punctuate a variety of exploratory, off-topic solos. On the way, the album sports one-minute free-improv interludes. Wilkes is only turning 30, but he’s the one who was picked to fill Lester Bowie’s chair in the Art Ensemble of Chicago.

Album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well. Little links that say things like “more here” go to previous entries in this blog.

Artist Track Album/Label
Fully Celebrated, The Reptoid Alliance Album Review Drunk On The Blood Of The Holy Ones
Aum Fidelity

Bailey, Donald

(more here)

USQ/Trology Album Review Blueprints Of Jazz: Vol. 3
Talking House Records

Forgas Band Phenomena L’axe Du Fou (Axis Of Madness) [excerpt] Album Review Axis Of Madness/L’axe Du Fou
Cuneiform Records
Chicago Afrobeat Project (A Warm) Global Warning Album Review Off The Grid
(No Label Information)
Blanketship Viva Butterfly Album Review Sound Of Fun Surrounds You / Klangwunder
Gigante Sound
Wilkes, Corey & Abstrakt Pulse SICK JJ Album Review Cries From Tha Ghetto
Pi Recordings

Butcher, John/Gino Robair/Matthew Sperry Duo Four [Robair and Sperry] New Langton Arts 2000
Limited Sedition
Sperry, Matthew Venue Nine 3 Solo Bass, Vol. 2
Limited Sedition

— (4:00 pm.) —
Trio Hot

(see also here)

Straight Into Jink
Nemu Records
Berthiaume/Sharp Phase Album Review Base
Actuelle Cd
Mcauley, Jim Okie Dokie Album Review Ultimate Frog, The
Drip Audio

Redman, Joshua Just Like You Album Review Compass
Nonesuch Records
Carrier, Francois & Michel Lambert Falls Album Review Nada
Creative Sources Recordings
Lotz, Mark Alban / Lotz Of Music

(a bit more here)

Of Royal Herring (Den Koninklijke Haring) Album Review Bite!
Loplop Productions

Yasuma, Saco Invisible Matters Album Review Another Rain
Leaf Note
Quatuor Bozzini Stochastic String Quartet Album Review Arbor Vitae
Actuelle Cd
Bloom Project New Light Album Review Sudden Aurora
Edgetone Records

Sperry, Matthew One Solo Bass, Vol. 1
Limited Sedition
Brand, Gail & Guberman, Morgan Ballgames & Crazy Ballgames & Crazy

Garland, Peter Dance No. 3 Matachin Dances
Cold Blue Records
Sonogram Music Box – Jody Krushal Album Review Gamelan Son Of Lion
Innova Recordings
Revolutionary Ensemble

(noted here)

Improvisation 1 Album Review Beyond The Boundary Of Time

Pink Saliva 10:10 Album Review Danse Avec Robert Duncan
Majmua Music
Sperry, Matthew Studio For Solo Bass, Vol. 2
Limited Sedition
Watts, Trevor Opening Gambit A Wider Embrace
Ecm Records (Usa)

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