Playlist: May 29, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, May 29, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Things of note:

….. The Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival is on next week; I’ll post more later, but you can learn all about it at Supermodel Supermodel is a band that included him and UK trombonist Gail Brand, who will be a guest at the festival.….. Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society is a “steampunk” big band, which is a cool concept, but most of the steampunk aspect is in the album artwork, photography, and (possibly?) costumes on stage. It didn’t translate well on radio. Then again, if I’d played the 11-minute “Phobos,” listeners would have heard a nice steampunky rhythm, like train wheels, starting and ending the piece. I opted instead for “Transit,” partly because it’s got an Ingrid Jensen solo.

….. “Thelonious,” taken from a 1994 live album, is a straight blues with some nice overblowing in Hamiett Bluiett‘s sax solo.

….. Don Ross and Andy McKee are a couple of acoustic-guitar wizards in an instrumental folky vein (think Michael Hedges). “Hoover” is a snappy, fast piece, ear-catching.….. Hal Galper‘s Art-Work is a straight piano trio. Well, maybe not that straight. “Take the Coltrane” opens up with a kaleidoscope of piano splashing before settling into that nice piano-trio mode. He’s got Reggie Workman and Rashied Ali behind him, so it’s not lightweight stuff.

….. I’m not familiar with contemporary composer Yehudi Wyner, but the daunting, dramatic opening to his “Lyric Harmony” symphony seemed a good exit from the insanity of Jarrod Fowler (noted back on May 15). “Lyric Harmony” is a modern classical piece, dark and challenging but still very classical sounding, making it difficult to mesh with other musical types. Maybe it worked; maybe I was trying too hard.

….. The Wooden Birds are an indie-pop band who are headlining a Sunday night (May 31) show at The Rickshaw Stop, organized by our own DJ Canuck.

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