Playlist: May 15, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, May 15, 3:00 to 6:20 p.m.

….. Fareed Haque, frequent cohort of Zakir Hussein, plays a “world” music-tinged jazz that’s good but too melodic and easy for my taste. On a hot day like today, though, Haque’s summer-festival jamming hit the spot.

Jarrod Fowler: Percussion As Percussion

….. The Jarrod Fowler “Percussion” As Percussion album is a descent into madness. Tracks consist of overlaid spoken pieces — narrations, film clips, who knows what else — creating a relentless jumble. One track is even the combination of all others played backwards; it’s the harshest and most unsettling of all, and they put it second. Now, apparently there are some structural principles underlying all this, or at least that’s what’s hinted in the lengthy, hyperacademic liner notes, which walk that line between deeply serious and seriously messed up.

….. “Le-Si-Jer” isn’t the best track on the Revolutionary Ensemble album, but I wanted to have given its full 19 minutes an airing at some point. It features long solo spaces for each of the three members: Leroy Jenkins doing airy, squeaky violin figures; a patient arco solo from Sirone on bass; and reverent tones from Jerome Cooper on the chiramia, an oboe-sounding reed instrument. It’s a good track, but the real highlight on the album are the two improvisations at the end, where the three players show off some nice group intercommuicating.

….. Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife. Intersting songscapes, with heavy cinematic synths and careful, slow vocals. Atmospheric, a great listen. The show also included one of the dreamier songs from hip-hop artist Yoome.

Most album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well.

Artist Track Album/Label
Haque, Fareed & The Flat Earth Ensemble Big Bhangra Album Review Flat Planet
Owl Studios

Bailey, Donald Variations Album Review Blueprints Of Jazz: Vol. 3
Talking House Records
Hartigan, Royal Passages Album Review Ancestors
Innova Recordings
Cleaver/Parker/Taborn The Night Album Review Farmers By Nature
Aum Fidelity
Yoome Dubai Album Review Boredom Of Me, The
Audio 8 Recordings

Mahanthappa, Rudresh / Indo-Pak Coalition Apti Album Review Apti
Innova Recordings
Eskelin, Ellery #107 Figure of Speech
Soul Note

Malaby, Tony / Cello Trio Warblepeck Album Review Warblepeck
Songlines Recordings
— (4:00 p.m.) —
Fowler, Jarrod Introduction: (Re)Percussions Album Review “Percussion” As Percussion
Patrick Lovelace Editions
Frith, Fred & Rene Lussier The Same Wide Wall Nous Autres
Les Disques Victo
Black, Jim/Alas No Axis Z Habyor
Winter & Winter

Sex Mob Battle at Piz Gloria Does Bond
Ropeadope Music Entertain
Happy Apple The Landfall Planetarium Youth Oriented

Bad Plus, The Long Distance Runaround Album Review For All I Care
Heads Up International
Trio Hot Zoo On The Road Jink
Nemu Records
Fuchs, Wolfgang Sextet An Illegible Memory Album Review Six Fuchs
Rastascan Records

— (5:00 p.m.) —
Berthiaume/Sharp Freed Album Review Base
Actuelle Cd
Quatuor Bozzini Quintext II: Clouds, for Iannis Xenakis Album Review Arbor Vitae
Actuelle Cd
Winstin, Robert Ian Taliban Dances: Iii Baghdad Bossa Nova Album Review Taliban Dances
Erm Media
Del Sol String Quartet Gabriela Lena Frank “Chasqui” Album Review Ring Of Fire
Other Minds

Redman, Joshua Identity Thief Album Review Compass
Nonesuch Records
Ochs, Larry / Sax & Drumming Core Up From Under Album Review Up From Under
Atavistic/Truckstop Audio

Binney, David Blood Of Cities Album Review Third Occasion
Mythology Records
Fever Ray Dry And Dusty Album Review Fever Ray
Mute Corporation
Levy, Adam Buttermilk Channel Buttermilk Channel
Lost Wax Music

— (6:00 p.m.) —
Revolutionary Ensemble Le-Si-Jer Album Review Beyond The Boundary Of Time
Charles, Teddy No More Nights Album Review Dances With Bulls

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