Playlist: The Horror on Prog Mountain VIII

“VIII,” because this is the eighth time that I’ve teamed up with Ragnar of Ravensfjord and our buddy Zess Vurdin of the Kobaian embassy to bring to you prog rock: the good, the bad, and the truly, truly, ugly.

Zess provides most of the “good,” often in the form of obscure bands from around the world. Ragnar is well versed in contemporary U.S. stuff, especially now that we get regular servicing from Cuneiform, an outstanding label with a taste for prog. (And for jazzy bands like Gutbucket, as noted here.) All three of us bring far too much knowledge of prog’s’70s heyday and, unfortunately, its ’80s descent into Phil Collins/Asia territory.

We infuse the show with themes, so scan the playlist below and look for:

* Songs named after their time signatures

* A Bill Bruford retrospective, including solo work, work in unexpected places (Bruford drumming for Gong at a live show? Believe it!), and jazz/fusion dabblings. (That was my contribution; we played just snippets of Watanabe, Moraz, and Earthworks, but the Jamaaledeen Tacuma was good enough for a full 8-minute spin.)

* Solo works of the original King Crimson members! We skipped Greg Lake because he’s gotten, uh, the treatment in past shows, more so than any other prog musician, I’d wager.

* Prog bands from countries of the former U.S.S.R.

* The horror that was 3: To the Power of Three (which I remember hearing on the radio but cannot for the life of me remember any individual song) and this Jimmy Hots thing — Christian prog with heavily permed hairdos — that Ragnar found somewhere.

Two of these titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well.

Artist Track Album/Label
Univers Zero Presage Album Review Relaps

Cuneiform Records

Happy the Man Service with a Smile Crafty Hands

Arista Records

Potemkine Ode de Mars Nicolas II

Soleil Zeuhl

Magma Retrovision Bourges 1979


Eskaton Ardeur Ardeur

Soleil Zeuhl

Abus Dangereux Funk Au Chateau Le Quatrieme Mouvement


Magma Mekanik Machine Simples


Frank Zappa Thirteen You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore vol. 6


Jacques Thollot Four Four Five Eight Cinq Hops


Hamster Theater Le Fumph Siege on Hamburger City


Von Zamla Ten Tango Zamlaranamma

Re Source

Bill Bruford Beezlebub Master Strokes


The New Percussion Group of Amsterdam Go Between Go Between


Gong Holy Mystery Chateau Neuf


Absolute Elsewhere Earthbound In Search of Ancient Gods


Jamaaladeen Tacuma Sparkle Renaissance Man


Kazumi Watanabe Fu Bu Ki The Spice of Life Too


Moraz Bruford Blue Brains Music for Piano and Drums


Moraz Bruford Machines Programmed by Genes Flags


Bill Bruford’s Earthworks My Heart Declares a Holiday Earthworks


The John Goodsall Project Measure the Sky The X Files

Outer Music

Yes Five Percent for Nothing Fragile


King Crimson 21st Century Schizoid Man 40th Anniversary Box


Robert Fripp Northstar Exposure


McDonald & Giles Flight of the Ibis McDonald & Giles

Virgin Records

Pete Sinfield Wholefoods Boogie Still


Cheer-Accident Humanizing The Distance Album Review Fear Draws Misfortune

Cuneiform Records

Emerson Lake & Palmer Tarkus Tarkus


Tai Phong Let Us Play Tai Phong


Karfagen The Great Circus The Space Between Us


Fromuz Intro Audio Diplomacy


Olive Mess Gramercy Gramercy

Soleil Zeuhl

Three Chains Three to the Power to Three


Three Desde La Vida Three to the Power of Three


Jimmy Hots Observations of a Larger Reality Jeezis Prog


Aphrodite’s Child All the Seats Were Occupied 666


Rational Diet Pukhow At Work

Alt Rock

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