Playlist: April 9, 2009

KZSU playlist for Thursday, April 9, 2009, 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Just helping out by filling in some time while the student DJs settle their spring-quarter academic schedules. Rather than go the jazz route, I played a lot of different things, mostly pop:

Cool, down-and-dirty garage rock

Neko Case:
Still a touch of country twang, but her new album ventures out a lot more than that. “People Got a Lotta Nerve” has an infections ’60s girl-group vibe to it; too bad it’s also the Starbucks featured something-or-other track.

An instrument builder from the Atlanta area who plays something that’s a cross between a guitar and a harp. This solo album is very instrumental, closer to Derek Bailey than John Fahey.

Norweigan Ren-faire prog music, an upbeat rock that makes you think of knights and dark forests and Celtic things.

Veteran prog band brought to my attention by Signal to Noise magazine last year. I’ll be playing that CD a ton and might review it later.

Mark Delaney:
Banjo-led bluegrass. I picked an instrumental track that’s fast and features a lot of nice banjo technique in the form of bent and sliding notes.

Mars Ill:
Hip-hop with an intellectual bent, and good taste in samples.
Mark Delaney: Bluegrass banjo, insanely fast with lots of bent/sliding notes and other little gimmicks buried in the mix. This particular track, a fast instrumental, was worth a close listen.

Most album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well.

Artist Track Album/Label
Walker, Bobby Rockin’ Pneumonia Git It
Lynx Records
Beau Soleil Theogene Creole Album Review Alligator Purse
Yep Roc Records
Stanton Warriors Blaze (Baobinga & Id Mix – Sw Edit) Stanton Sessions Volume 3
Magnetix Stranger In A Dark Positively Negative
Born Bad Records
Backsliders, The Wedding Day You’re Welcome
(No Label Information)

Beau Soleil Rouler Et Tourner Album Review Alligator Purse
Yep Roc Records
Case, Neko People Got A Lotta Nerve Album Review Middle Cyclone
Anti, Inc.
Vetiver Sister Album Review Tight Knit
Sub Pop Records
Killick Immense True Ration Album Review Amplifucker, The
Songs For Moms Why Oh Why Worse It Gets The Better, The
Star Cleaners

Ray, Amy and the Butchies Hey Castrator Live From San Francisco
Daemon Records
Samael Under One Flag Album Review Above
Nuclear Blast America
X-Legged Sally Dum Dum Killed By Charity
Sub Rosa
Tempest Villemann Balance
Magna Carta
— (10:00 a.m.) —
Cheer-Accident Mescalito/And Then You Realize You Haven’t Left Yet Album Review Fear Draws Misfortune
Cuneiform Records

Malaby, Tony / Cello Trio Warblepeck Album Review Warblepeck
Songlines Recordings
Her Space Holiday The New Kid Revival Album Review Xoxo Panda And The New Kid Revival
Mush Records
Delaney, Mark Fireball Express Sidecar
Patuxent Records
Frith, Fred/Ferdinand Richard Tableau 2: Mauvaise Gauche! Dropera
Recrec Music
Mars Ill Wicked Ways Album Review Pro Pain
Gotee Records

Axis Trio Tabacs Compliqués: Deuxième Partie Album Review Hand, The
Snp Records
Mahanthappa, Rudresh / Indo-Pak Coalition Vandanaa Trayee Album Review Apti
Innova Recordings

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