Culture Mashup

Source: NemuTrio Hot — Jink (Nemu, 2008 )

You know that “hot club” music, the old-timey jazz stuff that’s all toe-tapping and upbeat and Django Reinhardt-y? That’s not this stuff. You can draw some aural parallels, though. It’s a trio of clarinet (Theo Jorgensmann), violin (Albrecht Maurer), and bass (Peter Jacquemyn), and on the opening tracks, each instrument gets played with the verve and swing you’d associate with the Hot Club of {insert city here} . But they’re playing in abstract, free-improv mode, so there’s no “key” and no set rhythm.

It’s an interesting effect, because you get abstract music that hints at swinging. It’s also quite a bustle. Longer tracks like “Zoo on the Road” can get exhausting from the sheer air traffic of colliding notes. There’s also a 14-minute “‘Round Midnight” that moves through patient, slow improvising before dealing out those lines near the end.

I liked “Dax Dance,” with its cool jungle-like hand drumming and an abrasive, screeching clarinet. “Zbiggery,” near the end of the album, is an interesting depature dominated by violin double-stops.