Playlist: March 27, 2009

KZSU playlist for Friday, March 27, 2009, 3:00 p.m. to 5:20 p.m.

Items of note:

….. Saxophonist Frank Gratkowski will be in town next week for, among other things, a CD release concert for Mimetic Holds, a quartet acoustic improv offering on Balance Point Acoustics, Damon Smith’s record label. Quick review of Mimetic Holds here.

….. Two items from the San Diego haul made the playlist: MMW‘s Book of Angels entry, and Asobi Seksu, which turns out to be in rotation here at KZSU (meaning it’s on the list of stuff we’re encouraged to play repeatedly).

….. Interesting start to the show. MMW was going to be my opener, but Ben, who did the show before mine today, closed things out with “Rod Poole’s Gradual Ascent to Heaven,” a long, heartfelt piece from Nels Cline‘s latest album, Coward. The mood (dark but not too heavy) and the elements of creeping dissonance, made the Robert Moran all-percussion piece a more ideal starting point.

Most album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well.

Artist Track Album/Label
Moran, Robert Kboco Album Review Mantra
Innova Recordings
Medeski Martin & Wood Agmatia Zaebos: Book of Angels Vol. 11

Mosher, Rob / Storytime The Sands Of Maundune Album Review Tortoise, The
Old Mill
Downs, Lila Naela Casa De Los Babys
Hybrid Recordings
Axis Trio Peacekeeper (For Darfur) Album Review Hand, The
Snp Records

Ware, David S. Reflection Album Review Shakti
Aum Fidelity
Burgener, Teitlebaum, Muller Interiorities Shift
For 4 Ears Records
— (4:00 p.m.) —
Fennesz Perfume For Winter Album Review Black Sea

Stein, Norbert / Pata Generators Chameleon Nature Album Review Direct Speech
Pata Music
Seksu, Asobi Transparence Album Review Hush
Polyvinyl Record Co.
Gratkowski, Frank and Graewe, Georg Ve 4 Vicess Etudes
Random Acoustics

Malaby, Tony / Cello Trio Chicotaso Album Review Warblepeck
Songlines Recordings
Helias, Mark/Open Loose Momentum Interrupted Album Review Atomic Clock
Radio Legs
Ornstein, Leo Three Tales: Midnight Waltz Album Review Fantasy And Metaphor
New Albion Records
Frank Gratkowski, Scott Looney, Damon Smith, Kjell Nordeson Diverse Xenon Loops Mimetic Holds
Balance Point Acoustics

Haden, Charlie For Turiya [With Alice Coltrane] Album Review Closeness
A&M Records
— (5:00 p.m.) —
Cleaver/Parker/Taborn Not Unlike Number 10 Album Review Farmers By Nature
Aum Fidelity

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