Getting Smudged and Liking It

Tom Djll — Smudge (Soul on Rice, 2006)

This one’s part of a stack of recent music recently given to the station by Tom Djll, a trumpeter, electronics dabbler, and the brains behind the ambitious Mockracy music/theater production.

Smudge has Djll in electronics mode, often using the trumpet as a sound source. Most tracks feature a variety of metallic swooshes and drones, but the altered trumpet comes through clearly in some tracks, like the buzzy fanfare of “Schizy.”

A couple of tracks stick to a dronelike consistency, but more often, Djll features a sequence of different sounds. It’s not a Jackson Pollack splatterfest; more a set of Mark Rothkos overlaid irregularly to form a new collage, made of individual parts reflecting stillness but combining into a dynamic jumble.

The 15-minute “Split” is the pinnacle of that metaphor, featuring a raspy slow burn, a deep metallic pulse, and sparse stretches of modified trumpet groans. I also like the closing track, “Patina,” which moves from slow doom chimes into the high-pitched tones of a UFO taking off, then rounds things out with blobular, pulsing sounds. That’s the track that KZSU DJs seem to be latching onto.

There’s a pleasing variety here. I’ve highlighted some of the more active tracks, but there are rewards in the quiet, pensive rides, too.

One thought on “Getting Smudged and Liking It

  1. Hey Mr. Wedge,

    Thanks for playing my stuff!!! And the review.

    I’ve put up a blog (see link) which will have some things about music on it, and will soon have my regular web site revamped. There I will be posting regular uploads of Djll sounds that can’t be gotten anywhere else.

    btw your listeners can find Djll music at places like:
    Downtown Music Gallery
    Cadence Music Sales (for Six Fuchs)

    Cheers, td

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