Playlist: Feb. 27, 2009

(Update: You don’t need to know much French to appreciate the tour photos on Lê Quan Ninh‘s blog. He and Doneda had quite the day going from Berkeley to Stanford up to San Francisco — he’s posted pictures of all three cities and the belowmentioned sfSound event. Cool stuff.)

KZSU playlist for Friday, Feb. 27, 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Highlight: Lê Quan Ninh and Michel Doneda performing live!

le-quan-ninhAnd they were loud! I’d heard both of them in a variety of contexts, but maybe because I’d just been sampling the CD from The International Nothing, I was in the mind of expecting quiet, calm interplay. Nope.

Quan used a bass drum as a platform, creating sounds with an army of objects — a rolled-around pine cone, or the ends of drumsticks rubbed along the top, or a rock lightly scraped against the tuning pegs. He started the set by blowing viciously through a cymbal hole onto the drum surface, a big stormy sound.

Doneda got into some subtle long tones here and there but also used his saxes for brash, raspy declarations. A lot of listeners probably had trouble placing the saxophone amid the din. It was cool.

The first hour of the show was devoted to the sfSound Microfestival of New and Experimenal Music, a three-day set of shows that includes some visitors from Europe and from elsewhere in the U.S. It starts tonight, as noted here.

In addition to the live set, we played CDs from other artists at the festival, interspersed with Kyle Bruckmann explaining the whole concept. Doneda and Lê also talked about how they met up musically in communist Poland in 1986, noting that the cheesecake there was so much better than what one can find elsewhere. Doneda declared their second, shorter improv to be titled “Cheesecake Forever,” and so it was.

Most album titles link into KZSU’s Zookeeper database; the Album Review icon means there’s a review or description there as well.

Artist Track Album/Label
International Nothing, The [Kai Fagaschinski & Michael Thieke] We Already Know… Mainstream


Doneda, Michel Creux Actif Anatomie Des Clefs


Lê Quan Ninh Peau Neuve Le Ventre Negatif


Coleman, Gene Excerpt From Bands [excerpt] No Smoking, Littering or Radio

Wnur-Fm 89.3

Lê Quan Ninh & Michel Doneda [live, in-studio improvisation]
Lê Quan Ninh & Michel Doneda “Cheesecake Forever” [live, in-studio improvisation]
— (4:00 p.m.) —
International Nothing, The Wenn Alles Wehtut und Nichts Mehr Geht Mainstream


Brötzmann, Peter & Fred Lonberg-Holm Section 1 Album Review Brain Of The Dog In Section, The

Atavistic/Truckstop Audio

Frazier, Colter Quartet Where000 Album Review Colter Frazier Quartet


Shipp, Matthew Trio Quantum Waves Album Review Harmonic Disorder

Thirsty Ear Communication

Léandre, Joëlle & Àkosh S. Part 2 Album Review Kor

Leo Records

Spahlinger, Mathias Apo Do Ii Quasi Da Capo Senza Fine Album Review Furioso


— (5:00 p.m.) —
Vervloesem, Pierre 400 Personnes Album Review Not Even Close


Romus, Rent / Jazz On The Line With Chico Freeman Cameltrot Album Review Thundershine

Edgetone Records

Ornstein, Leo Metaphor #1 Album Review Fantasy And Metaphor

New Albion Records

Mosher, Rob / Storytime Jupiter Album Review Tortoise, The

Old Mill

Abrams, Muhal Richard B Song Live at Montreux 1978

Arista Records (Hiphop)

Pavone, Mario Double Tenor Quintet Andrew Album Review Ancestors

Playscape Recordings

Villanella Tranquillo Album Review Villanella


Ware, David S. Antidromic Album Review Shakti

Aum Fidelity

Mostly Other People Do The Killing My Delightful Muse Album Review This Is Our Moosic

Hot Cup

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