Tweeting Tim Berne

screwgun2Tim Berne, or at least a representative of his Screwgun Records label, is doing the Twitter thing. Tweeters can start following @screwgunrecords for updates. (*)

Tim Berne’s Twitter feed will tell you there’s an Adobe Probe clip to be heard, over on Facebook.

That’s Berne’s latest band. Mary Halvorson’s Web page lists the personnel as:

So. Berne and Speed get reunited from the old Bloodcount days. (They’d reunited last year already for a few shows of all new material — this one, for instance.) Halvorson is the new critics’ fave, as I’ve noted here, and you can find quite a bit about her on the blog for promotions outfit Improvised Communications (Try this WordPress search.) Hebert is part of Halvorson’s much-lauded trio. Cleaver’s an A-list drummer, of course.

The Facebook clip, “Duck,” is heavy on the horns, but the piano and guitar get a good moment later on. Sounds like a lot of energy. Matt Mitchell has a brief description on his blog. This could be a very cool band.

(*) OK, Twitter rant. Yes, I use Twitter, and I enjoy it. Yeah, it’s frivolous. Some people talk about how the 140-character limit forces “brevity and clarity,” which is partly true, but it also forces shallowness: You can’t convey deep ideas or carry on long conversations. Perfect for a society that’s being taught, by technology and TV, that it’s OK to treat life with impatience and self-absorption.

Anyway, for delivering short notes to lots of people, or for seeking quick info among your friends and semi-acquaintances, Twitter is a pretty good system. Commercial interests are taking notice awfully quickly, though, and Twitter will someday be under the gun to make actual money. I predict in three years it’ll be a platform for coupons and advertising deals (a.k.a. spam), so we should enjoy the fun while it lasts.

UPDATE, 2/4/09: This is a particularly egregious example of what I mean.  But I think the real danger lies in something like Magpie.

3 thoughts on “Tweeting Tim Berne

  1. This is pretty random but I am wondering about Adobe Probe, what is it? I wonder because Beth Custer recently was commissioned to write music for the De Young Museum’s Native Cultures exhibit — she wrote about an Innuit canoe — and I wonder about asking Tim Berne, under Adobe Probe, to write about the Pueble Pottery collection in the same exhibit. Ie Pueblo people built or still build their homes sometimes of Adobe clay.
    Mark in Palo Alto, former sometime KZSU contributor

  2. Hi Mark, and thanks for stopping by.

    You know, I don’t know where the Adobe Probe name comes from. Probably the result of Tim Berne staring at the word “adobe” one day.

  3. You don’t think “commercial interests” are compelling the Screwgun people to give a plug for PDF document creation, or photoshop? We should do our own Adobe probe to get to the bottom of this!

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