Tweeting Tim Berne

screwgun2Tim Berne, or at least a representative of his Screwgun Records label, is doing the Twitter thing. Tweeters can start following @screwgunrecords for updates. (*)

Tim Berne’s Twitter feed will tell you there’s an Adobe Probe clip to be heard, over on Facebook.

That’s Berne’s latest band. Mary Halvorson’s Web page lists the personnel as:

So. Berne and Speed get reunited from the old Bloodcount days. (They’d reunited last year already for a few shows of all new material — this one, for instance.) Halvorson is the new critics’ fave, as I’ve noted here, and you can find quite a bit about her on the blog for promotions outfit Improvised Communications (Try this WordPress search.) Hebert is part of Halvorson’s much-lauded trio. Cleaver’s an A-list drummer, of course.

The Facebook clip, “Duck,” is heavy on the horns, but the piano and guitar get a good moment later on. Sounds like a lot of energy. Matt Mitchell has a brief description on his blog. This could be a very cool band.

(*) OK, Twitter rant. Yes, I use Twitter, and I enjoy it. Yeah, it’s frivolous. Some people talk about how the 140-character limit forces “brevity and clarity,” which is partly true, but it also forces shallowness: You can’t convey deep ideas or carry on long conversations. Perfect for a society that’s being taught, by technology and TV, that it’s OK to treat life with impatience and self-absorption.

Anyway, for delivering short notes to lots of people, or for seeking quick info among your friends and semi-acquaintances, Twitter is a pretty good system. Commercial interests are taking notice awfully quickly, though, and Twitter will someday be under the gun to make actual money. I predict in three years it’ll be a platform for coupons and advertising deals (a.k.a. spam), so we should enjoy the fun while it lasts.

UPDATE, 2/4/09: This is a particularly egregious example of what I mean.  But I think the real danger lies in something like Magpie.