Zorn Invasion

Good news: John Zorn is coming to town, bringing other downtown NYCers with him to perform songs from the Masada book and the Book Of Angels, uh, book. Six nights, with a different band every night! Tickets go on sale Monday, Jan. 19.

Bad news: $50 ticket prices.

Given how rarely any of these names make it to the Bay Area, and the fact that the musicians can’t exactly pack a calendar with other gigs while they’re here, and the pull of Zorn himself … I suppose the ticket prices are understandable. Disappointing, though.

Note, also, that the prices are per set — that is, you’ll get maybe 90 minutes of music for your ticket (possibly as little as 60 minutes). On slow nights, Yoshi’s sometimes lets the 8:00 audience stick around for the 10:00 set, but I wouldn’t bank on that happening here.

Here’s the itinerary, circulated to the world via press release (it’s also on the Yoshi’s calendar now).

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